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3 Foods That Can Cause A Dental Emergency

Have you ever experienced tooth pain when biting down on something too hard?  Often times, this can result in a cracked tooth, loss of a filling or a broken dental crown. We see many dental emergencies caused by biting down too hard. Some foods are more likely to cause a dental emergency than others. And while we don’t want your taste buds to suffer, we do want you to be aware of some foods that you should be more cautious when eating.

As tasty and fluffy as this buttery snack may be, it can often be the opposite. The husks can get stuck between your teeth or underneath your gums causing a popcorn abscess. Be sure to floss after you eat popcorn to avoid that from happening. However, the true problem here is the kernels. If you grab a large handful of popcorn in a dark movie theatre and don’t know that a kernel is hiding in the middle, all it takes is one chomp down and ouch! You cracked your tooth! The next time you eat popcorn, chew slowly to avoid those kernels and be careful at the bottom of the bag! That’s where the kernels lie.

Carmel Candies
Chewy candy seems harmless with its soft exterior, but it can cause issues with your teeth. When you chew down, the candies wedge between your teeth and pull out any loose dental work/restorations that you have had. Other candies that have the same sticky qualities are starburst and taffy. They might be hard to resist, but doing so is key to avoiding a dental emergency.

Ice Cubes
Chewing on a hard piece of ice is about the same chewing on a rock.  Ice is hard on enamel, and can easily crack and break teeth. If you must chew on the ice make sure it is melted down or crushed.

We understand it may be hard to resist some of these foods, but it is important to be aware next time you chomp on these!

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